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Welcome to litwoo FlexCo!


Experience is secondary - what counts are passion and perseverance!


Our team is small, highly motivated, and focused on engineering excellence. Litwoo is suitable for employees who challenge themselves and are driven by curiosity. Independence, team spirit, high tolerance for mistakes, and an absolute focus on achieving goals characterize our company.


We operate with a flat organizational structure. All employees are expected to be hands-on and contribute directly to the achievement of company goals. Leadership is given to those who show initiative and consistently deliver excellent results. Work ethic and strong prioritization skills are important.

All engineers and researchers should have strong communication skills. They should be able to share knowledge concisely and accurately with their teammates.

Every application is reviewed directly by a technical member of the team.

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • JAX
  • Rust
  • Spark


The role is based in the Upper Austrian Area [Linz]. Alternatively, remote work will also be offered. However, candidates are expected to relocate to Linz within a year (starting from 2025, San Francisco (USA) is also an option).


  • Building petabyte-scale, high-throughput data processing systems
  • Managing workloads across cloud compute clusters
  • Pre-processing datasets for AI training

Ideal Experiences

  • Strong engineering skills with passion to improve different aspects of data and model.
  • Has worked on one or more modalities other than text and demonstrated exceptional work.
  • Building bespoke data processing libraries from scratch.
  • Designing and implementing distributed systems in Rust.
  • Keeping up with state-of-the-art techniques for preparing AI training data.
  • Organizing and meticulously bookkeeping data across multiple clouds, of multiple modalities, and from many sources.

Interview Process

After submitting your application, the team reviews your CV and statement of exceptional work. If your application passes this stage, you will be invited to a 15 minute interview (“phone interview”) during which a member of our team will ask some basic questions. If you clear the initial phone interview, you will enter the main process, which consists of four technical interviews:


1. Coding assessment in a language of your choice.

2. Systems hands-on: Demonstrate practical skills in a live problem-solving session.

3. Project deep-dive: Present your past exceptional work to a small audience.

4. Meet and greet with the wider team.


Our goal is to finish the main process within one week. We don’t rely on recruiters for assessments. Every application is reviewed by a member of our technical team. All interviews will be conducted via Google Meet.

Annual Salary

The annual salary will be negotiated in a personal interview.

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