01. July 2024
Julian Hautzmayer: A Visionary Technician in the World of Artificial Intelligence
Julian Hautzmayer, CEO and Co-Founder of Litwoo, is an innovative software developer and creative thinker in the AI industry. With Litwoo, Hautzmayer aims to realize his vision of advanced AI software. While many companies try to keep up with OpenAI's resources and development lead, Litwoo takes a different path. "Most companies want to challenge OpenAI's ChatGPT, but this is futile due to the development lead and endless Microsoft budgets," explains Hautzmayer.
22. June 2024
Shape the Future with Litwoo: The First Fully Generative AI-Driven App
Shaping the Future with Litwoo! We are developing the first fully generative AI-driven app that can be used by both businesses and individuals to achieve their goals. Invest in Litwoo and actively shape the future with us. Our AI technology makes using our app an experience that convinces with personalized recommendations, intuitive user guidance, and lightning-fast response times.
16. June 2024
Litwoo: Pioneering a New Era of AI-Driven Knowledge Work
A new generation of AI is reshaping knowledge work. In the most complex and critical environments, there are no simple answers. Taking responsibility requires adherence to a positive human-machine paradigm that goes beyond simple chatbots and focuses on data security, technology transparency, and result transparency. We are committed to empowering people to enhance their potential and provide them with a clear advantage through AI support.
12. June 2024
What is the meaning of the name Litwoo?
The English word "lit" colloquially means "amusing," "exciting," or "great." Originally, it is the past tense of "light" (to illuminate), but in modern slang, it is often used to describe something particularly good or exciting. The English word "woo" means "to court" or "to seek." It means to gain someone's affection, support, or favor, often through charming or persuasive behavior.
03. June 2024
AI software company Litwoo was founded in Sankt Florian (Austria)
Litwoo has officially taken the step towards establishing the company. The shareholder agreement was signed in Sankt Florian (Upper Austria). Litwoo consists of a team of AI engineers, software developers, and HR experts working on generative AI software for the global job market. The aim is to connect essential areas of personal career management for individuals with the human resource management of companies.