Discover the future of technology with LAIST, the advanced Litwoo AI Software Technology. Designed to provide you with intelligent and user-friendly solutions, LAIST brings a new era of efficiency and support into your life. Whether at home, at work, or on the go – LAIST is always by your side.


15 January 2024: Completion of the initial litwoo concept by founder Georg Rainer

03 April 2024: Letter of Intent between WOOfors GmbH and Hautzy GmbH for the development of an AI-integrated software solution for litwoo

24 May 2024: Completion and presentation of the Litwoo software specification, as well as the designation of the software name LAIST (Litwoo Artificial Intelligence Software Technology)

03 June 2024: Founding of the company litwoo FlexCo in Sankt Florian (Austria)


September 2024: Start of application opportunity for investors (Funding Round A)

December 2024: Onboarding of new investor and strategic partner

May 2025: Opening of the new litwoo location in San Francisco (USA)

June 2025: Unofficial launch of Litwoo Test Version in the Upper Austria region (Austria)

August 2025: Official launch of Litwoo Version in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (German version)

September 2025: Start of application opportunity for investors (Funding Round B)

February 2026: Official launch of litwoo (Global version)

Series A Funding Round

Litwoo is pleased to announce the upcoming Series A founding round, starting in September 2024

Litwoo is currently in the initial development phase of our software LAIST. We will continue the innovative progress over the coming months and gradually implement all technological specifications. The funds from the Series A round will be used to bring the final prototype to market by July 2025.


Litwoo primarily focuses on the combination and integration of advanced, generative AI systems into our software developments, which are truthful, competent, and maximally beneficial for all people.

Litwoo is seeking IT talents who are ready to join a small team focused on making a significant impact on the future. Interested individuals can apply today at